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Hi travelers ..

when you travel or vacation by sea, it’s likely that some of you will experience seasickness.

This is also experienced by many other tourists because of some things during the trip itself or it has become your habit.

Here are our tips for you;

1. Get enough rest

Rest is very important wherever your destination will be, so make sure you get enough sleep before departure.

2. Have some food 1 hour before departing

Eating enough food will make you feel calm and comfortable during the trip, but remember not to eat too much because it will cause your stomach to feel full and cause nausea.

3. Eat sweets or foods that contain ginger

Foods that contain ginger which reduces nausea in your stomach.

4. Take Anti Nausea Medication

As a preventive measure it is also very important that you prepare or take anti-hangovers.

5. See the View Outside the boat

Seeing the scenery is another way to overcome seasickness that you can try. This is certainly possible if you sit on the outside deck.